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Youth Summer Jazz Band Registration Now Open!



Jazz inspires and creates a sense of community.
This is why we have made working with young musicians a priority.

Jazz inspires and creates a sense of community.

Between musicians, certainly. But also between the musicians and their audience.

That’s why we’ve made working with young jazz musicians an important part of our mission.

Playing an instrument improves listening skills, increases discipline and time-management skills, improves social skills and so much more. Jazz takes all of those benefits a step further by teaching improvisation – in other words, openness, flexibility and personal expression.

The Kicks Band’s high school residencies provide a meaningful jazz arts experience for students. Each residency offers instrument-based master classes taught by Kicks musicians, Kicks/student side-by-side workshop and a history of jazz program for the community, with a performance by the Kicks Band.

And our annual spring All-City High School Jazz Concerts promotes peer interaction and collaboration between the high school jazz band musicians – all while wowing the audience with the quality of the students’ performances.

High School Artist Residency 

  • Masterclasses spark students’ interest in jazz and motivate them to a higher level of performance. The specialized sections are small, so each student receives dedicated attention, making a big difference with each section and the group as a whole.
  • A side-by-side workshop intermingles student musicians with the Kicks Band musicians. Sitting next to an accomplished jazz musician while actively listening, watching and modeling provides invaluable experience and insights.
  • A Journey Through Jazz is an entertaining educational romp through the evolution of jazz from 1880 to today.

There is no cost to school districts to participate – the Kicks Band seeks grants and other funding to cover the cost of holding a Residency.

High school band directors interested in participating should contact Tim Johnson at for additional details.